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13 March 2016

Watch in full all keynote lectures and plenary sessions of the 2015 edition of the ABCD national congress

9 March 2015

In this seminar, Antonella De Matteis (TIGEM, Naples) demonstrates how identifying the genetic basis of a rare disease is invaluable to clarify its molecular pathogenesis

8 March 2015

In this enlightening seminar, Pier Paolo Di Fiore (IFOM-IEO, Milan) discusses his group's recent findings as well as other evidence suggesting that breast cancer stem cells share features with normal mammary epithelial stem cells and are a marker of tumors endowed with a poorer prognosis.

7 March 2015

In this seminar, Rossella Tupler (University of Modena) shows how a careful genetic characterization of a hereditary disease (Facioscapolohumeral muscular dystrophy, FSHD) can give insights into its molecular pathogenesis

4 March 2015

In this seminar, Francesco Di Virgilio (University of Ferrara) has provided an overview and shown data addressing the functional interactions of purinergic receptors, Damage-Associated Molecular Patterns (DAMP) and the inflammasomes, with implications for the molecular pathogenesis of periodic fever