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6 February 2024

CONCENTRATE ON YOUR RESEARCH, WHILE WE HANDLE THE REST We take pride in supporting your scientific journey and have created the PhD Portal with you in mind. Below you will find some of our most popular PhD tools, from free virtual seminars to scientific calculators and apps. So make sure you sign-up to the program today, bookmark this page and check back as we add new information!

19 May 2015

The hunt for brilliant explainers, captivating storytellers, and those who illuminate the complex, as if by magic.

9 April 2015

An editorial in Nature by Kendal Powell dwells on the uncertainties of career prospects by post-doctoral fellows, in the US and elsewhere

30 March 2015

The course will introduce PhD scientists to the competencies they need to thrive in industry and will expose them to the culture and infrastructure of life sciences companies through MBA- style case-based teaching, professional development workshops, and a team-based project

27 March 2015

In a short commentary in Nature Genetics the editors discuss how often submitted papers are flawed by an excess of claims, as if the authors wished to "hypnotize" readers with their beliefs. But ow often are such claims substantiated by experimental evidence?