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5 September 2017

Euroclone/Beckman Coulter Workshop in Milan

29 August 2017

Promega, Mettler Toledo, Merck / Sigma, Agilent, Leica Microsystems, MBL, VWR International

29 August 2017

Appuntamento di aggiornamento tecnologico ed applicativo focalizzato sulla Spettrometria di Massa, Cromatografia e Spettroscopia Molecolare ed Atomica.

29 August 2017

Today's research requires creative solutions.

10 May 2016

A revolutionary new concept in pipette tip racks, Rainin TerraRacks by METTLER TOLEDO are more than 50% lighter than conventional racks, yet don't compromise on strength and are completely recyclable. See them at the national congress.