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The ABCD Partnership Program

Become a valuable partner of ABCD! Contact our fundraising office now!

The ABCD's constituency (which includes the NEIDOS network of PhD programs) is a large community (over 1000 people) of researchers in the life science and biomedical science area. ABCD scientists gather at meetings and study groups nationwide, but also belong to a network community that exchanges data, ideas and relevant news through a dynamic web site.

As pertains to commercial sponsors, we believe that in addition to favoring dissemination of relevant news about products and technologies during our meetings, we can offer a series of partnership packages to facilitate corportate partners' advertising and involvement via our web interfaces and community networks.

The ABCD partnership program is not just intended to raise contributions from sponsors in exchange for value, but rather to generate reciprocal benefit and added value. In particular, ABCD intends to create a modality by which the participating companies become integrated in the ABCD so as to generate added value to the scientific objectives of the Association. In particular, one explicit goal of the partnership program is the diffusion of the information about the innovative technological potential of the companies and the facilitation of the contacts between companies and laboratories.

The partnership program aims at embedding the sponsors in the life of ABCD as proper members (Supporting Member), offering a program of participation on various levels and with various opportunities. These should cover, with their flexibility and modularity, the necessities and requirements of various types of sponsors and companies. ABCD proposes 5 types of memberships with scalable participation packages to meet various needs from the very basic (membership “sponsor”) to the most sophisticated (membership “Diamond”).

Adjustments and customized trials can be offered based on enquiries with our fundraising office.

A level: Supporter Package

  • One membership “Supporting Member”.
  • Banner on the home page of ABCD website linked to the company’s website.
  • Banner on the home page of NEIDOS website linked to the company’s website.
  • Banner on the website of ABCD meetings

B level: Advertisement Package

This package represents a progressively increasing level of involvement of the sponsor, based on the contribution aimed at obtaining a more consistent exposure of ABCD Members to information concerning services and products of the sponsoring company.

B.1. "Gold" option

This package allows active participation to ABCD events through:

  • Advertising stand at the plenary meeting
  • Advertising stand at a choice of two ABCD symposia
  • Advertising stand at the PhD meeting
  • Demonstrations at the advertising stand during the meeting breaks. The demonstrations will be inserted in the meeting program and advertised over the course of the meeting.

For organizational purposes, the presence with the stand has to be communicated and organized with due advance notice.

 B.2. "Platinum" option

presence of advertising material in the Abstract books, on the web pages of the meetings, on the slides during the meeting breaks for the following events: National Congress (biennial); PhD Meeting (Yearly); ABCD Lectures (YEarly); Special Interest Group Meetings (biennial).

B.3. "Diamond" option

  • Dedicated pages ("news" from Sponsors) on the website with material of choice of the sponsor (products, initiatives, etc.)
  • Insertion of promotional content in the ABCD newsletter (material selected from the company/ sponsor dedicated pages)

C level: Partnership Package

This package (available only for the Diamond membership) represents the final level of involvement of the sponsor with ABCD, in which the Association becomes part and/or facilitator of the sponsor’s initiatives. Within the limits of institutional interests and ABCD mandate, the Association is ready to collaborate for the promotion of the sponsor’s activities and initiatives.

This package is quite flexible, and foresees:

  • Sponsorship by ABCD (and eventual co organization) of events of interest for the sponsor
  • Hosting sponsor’s events, such as webinars, on the ABCD website and advertising to the ABCD members
  • Participation of the sponsor to the contents of the ABCD website (movies, self casts and presentations regarding the sponsors technologies)
  • Talks/ communications at ABCD meetings on sponsor’s technologies
  • Other ad hoc initiatives directly requested by the sponsor