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Committee for Science and Media Communication
The ABCD managing board enquires with ABCD members to ask for scientific contributions, interviews and highlights on scientific and technological breakthroughs of interest to our community. The managing board is prospectively supported by a Web Editor, who produces the visual and textual material to be published on the Magazine section of the web site.

Membersthe ABCD managing board

Committee for Science Policy and Society
This committee is in charge of conceiving and publishing news and articles on ethical and societal issues of relevance for the scientific community. The committee moderates forums and discussions elicited by the published topics.

Members: Giuseppe Testa and Luca Marelli

Committee for Career Development
This committee coordinates the retrieval and publication of job postings and tutorials aimed at giving advice and refining the skills required at the onset of a career in science. Topics range from tips on how to face a job interview, write a professional CV, and organize a successful presentation.

Members: To be named

Committee for PhD meeting
Each year a committee of two members of the advisory board and five to six graduate students coordinates the planning and execution of the scientific activities of the PhD meeting, selects the oral presentations, proposes the guest speakers to be invited and participates in the evaluation committee.

Members of 2016 Edition: Claudio Brancolini, Giulia Piaggio, Fedrica Innocenti, Kamil Lisek, Azzurra MargiottaMarianna Sciortino