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Offices & Contacts

General Secretariat
We will help you for all matters concerning requests for adverts to be placed on the website (e.g. job postings, meetings and courses, etc.), matters relating to existing members, queries concerning new membership requests or renewals, general information about donations, etc.

Secretary Treasurer
Sara Sigismund, the ABCD Treasurer, will assist you for procedures regarding payment of the membership fee or other payments, invoices, etc.
Sara Sigismund

Fund Raising Office
This office is led by Bronislava Matoskova and manages relations with all sponsoring companies. Sponsors and ABCD members can contact the e-mail address below.
Bronislava Matoskova

ABCD website
You should directly contact the webmaster only if you have technical problems in visualizing the website content, troubles with your personal page or any technical difficulty in uploading information on the ABCD website (e.g.a payment or invoice form).