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Francesco Di Virgilio. "Extracellular ATP is the prototypic pro- inflammatory DAMP".
by Ruggero Pardi
4 March 2015

Cell Biology of Disease
An overview and representation of basic discoveries stemming from medical needs and potentially leading to therapeutic applications

Francesco Di Virgilior's lecture was part of a Course held for graduate students in the Cell and Molecular biology track of San Raffaele University during the summer of 2014. Aim of this Course was to provide examples of how unsolved health needs in clinical medicine can lead to major basic discoveries that in turn provide insights into novel therapeutic approaches. This process is commonly referred to as "translational" research. This workshop, however, placed emphasis on the basic biological processes unveiled through in-depth dissection of ill-defined etiological or pathogenic issues in diseases as diverse as cancer, periodic fever and muscular dystrophy

San Raffaele University School of Medicine, Milano
ABCD Past President [2014-2016], Professor of Basic Pathology
We study adhesion-generated signaling pathways and their impact on the pathophysiology of higher order processes such as cell proliferation, migration and survival. Signals originating from adhesive interactions act as a "sense of touch" in metazoans. As such, these signals are variably de-regulated human disorders including chronic inflammatory diseases and the early stages of cancer.