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28 February 2018

Günter Blobel, one of the founding fathers of Cell Biology, died in New York City on February 18th, at the age of 81. Günter discovered how short aminoacid sequences within polypeptide chains act as signals to direct proteins to their proper locations within the cell.

5 September 2017

Euroclone/Beckman Coulter Workshop in Milan

29 August 2017

Promega, Mettler Toledo, Merck / Sigma, Agilent, Leica Microsystems, MBL, VWR International

29 August 2017

Appuntamento di aggiornamento tecnologico ed applicativo focalizzato sulla Spettrometria di Massa, Cromatografia e Spettroscopia Molecolare ed Atomica.

29 August 2017

Today's research requires creative solutions.