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ABCD members' community survey
by staff
8 March 2015

A year ago a short survey was carried out to achieve a better understanding of our member community: its job affiliations, scientific interests, geographical location, teaching and media communication activities. Surveys have well-known limitations: they sample but a fraction of the entire pool under survey; respondents may not be compliant and/or they may not be willing to provide the correct answers to all questions; some of the questions may be misunderstood or overlooked. Notwithstanding these limitations, our survey gave us some interesting insight into our community. As you can see by glancing at the video outline or downloading the analysis of the results, our membership is almost exlusively "academic" in nature; has a prominent interest in cell biology but with a highly significant impact of disease-oriented research, particularly in the cancer biology area. Does a lot of teaching. Uses web-based media largely to do literature searches, much less so to venture into computational biology or to navigate through social networking platforms. One slightly annoyng element emerging from the survey is that the fraction of respondents is quite low among the junior members. Check the results and publish your comments and opinions about this ABCD community identity profile!