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Help for scientists stranded abroad after US immigration ban
by staff
6 February 2017

Dear colleagues,

I am writing to propose that we as European researchers should try to help scientists who are stranded outside the US as a result of the recent immigration ban. Some individuals and institutions in Europe have already pledged to temporarily host such scientists.

One of the difficulties I see is that it may not be easy for junior researchers locked out of the US to make contact with non-US scientists who could help them. Conversely, those of us willing to help will have problems identifying the persons in need. And this is perhaps where EMBO can help.

We have just set up a webpage at where you can enter your name if you and your lab can offer temporary bench space, a desk, access to a library, and perhaps even accommodation.

The website is not restricted to EMBO Members or the life sciences, but should ideally be used by as broad a group of scientists as possible; so please forward this mail to your local or wider community. The EMBO communications team will then use their social and other media channels to make the site widely known.

Please also let your colleagues in the US know that we are ready to help.

Best regards,


Prof. Maria Leptin

EMBO - excellence in life sciences