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Dr. Terry Riss (Promega) talks at ABCD national Congress on Sept 18th
by staff
14 September 2015

Promega, one of our sponsors will be present at the upcoming ABCD Congress (17-19 September 2015, Bologna, Italy) with Dr. Terry Riss, Global Strategic Marketing Manager at Promega headquarter. Dr. Riss will give a talk within the Emerging Technologies Session on September 18th to present the cutting edge technologies recently developed by Promega for measuring viability and cell death directly in cultured cells, in real-time and up to 72 hours. This innovative technology allows to characterize over time the mechanism of action of a treatment or a stimulus in the studied cellular system, without the need to perform replicates for the different experimental conditions. In addition, these assays can be easily combined in multiplex to other systems for the evaluation and quantification of many more parameters of cell biology such as apoptosis, oxidative stress and reporter systems to provide more relevant biological data.

 Please visit the pages below for more detailed information.

Kinetic Cytotoxicity

Monitor Cell Viability in Real Time