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Technical webinar on new RNAi screening technologies
by staff
10 July 2015

Sigma-Aldrich, one of our new sponsors, is giving a technical "hands on" webinar on this coming Thursday, July 16. The webinar is about: "The future of RNAi screening technologies using the new genome-editing tools such as CRISPR-Cas9 and Lentiorf.  As you know, the intersection between RNAi screening and complementary approaches such as CRISPR-Cas9-mediated genome editing has opened up new opportunities for assay development, screening and validation. The successful implementation of genome-editing technologies in several species suggests this will serve as an important and relevant tool for validation studies in numerous cell lines and model systems. Additionally, RNAi rescue experiments using LentiORFs serve an important role in further validating and boosting confidence of screened hits. 

The webinar will be chaired by Ryan Raver, a Global Product Manager at Sigma-Aldrich in Functional Genomics where he manages the Mission RNAi (TRC 1-2), miRNA, and LentiORF (TRC3) Product Portfolios.

You should not miss this chance to get an update on these cutting-edge technologies! Details about the webinar and how to register can be found here.