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Guido Tarone (1951-2015)
by Ruggero Pardi
30 September 2015

Guido Tarone left us on May 17th. He's gone too soon, too suddenly. It feels as if a beacon, a constant point of reference that orients the wanderer and guides the way had turned off abruptly. Our whole community will mourn and remember him forever. With Guido we have learned that thoroughness, passion and self-confidence can coexist with kindness, respect for the others and the ability to listen.

Guido was a great scientist and a great leader. Within him, innate charisma and thoughtful assertiveness lived along with the ability to give enthusiasm and support to his peers. With generosity, team spirit and the joy of living science.

It does not seem possible to resign to this loss. It feels as if our daily routine became less relevant or worthwhile. Or maybe, to keep his memory alive we must now redouble our efforts and transfer even more enthusiasm and passion for science to people, especially the younger ones, who venture into this wonderful profession. A profession that occasionally gives you the chance to meet real friends, real mentors, people with whom, as with a close relative, you do not need formalities because you twig them without words. That's what happened to many of us with Guido. We will never forget him.

On behalf of the entire ABCD community.

Read more about Guido's professional life and scientific achievements in a biographical narration sent to ABCD by his closest friends and collaborators.

San Raffaele University School of Medicine, Milano
ABCD Past President [2014-2016], Professor of Basic Pathology
We study adhesion-generated signaling pathways and their impact on the pathophysiology of higher order processes such as cell proliferation, migration and survival. Signals originating from adhesive interactions act as a "sense of touch" in metazoans. As such, these signals are variably de-regulated human disorders including chronic inflammatory diseases and the early stages of cancer.