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27 May 2023

We are pleased to announce a stimulating opportunity for aspiring researchers (from Italy and abroad) in the field of molecular oncology. We offer a predoctoral training program designed to prepare candidates for admission to the PhD course in Molecular Medicine at the University of Torino. Successful candidate(s) will be supported by a salary throughout the beginning of the PhD Course (November 1st, 2023).

13 May 2023

Applications are OPEN for the PhD program in Molecular Biomedicine of the University of Trieste (Dottorato in Biomedicina Molecolare dell'Università di Trieste).

11 May 2023

These projects are part of a large collaborative network involving Research Centers and Universities in Italy and abroad.

25 March 2023

A short term post-doctoral position is immediately available in the laboratory of prof. Licio Collavin at the University of Trieste ( The lab is focused on the molecular mechanisms that determine cancer aggressiveness, with a special interest in function and regulation of the tumor suppressor DAB2IP, a Ras-GAP and signaling adaptor that modulates multiple oncogenic pathways. For more information, or to apply, feel free to write directly to prof. Collavin

6 March 2023

The goal of our lab at the San Raffaele – Telethon institute for Gene Therapy (SR-TIGET) in Milan is to study the regulation of blood cell emergence during human embryonic development. To this aim, we use our innovative hESCs/hiPSCs platform and combine developmental cell and molecular biology to understand normal and pathological human hematopoietic development, with a particular interest in studying the genetic origins for blood disorders and developing novel strategies for their treatment.