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4 August 2014

A PhD position is available at the University of Siena, Department of Molecular and Developmental Medicine.

26 April 2014

The Vesalius Research Center (VRC) a research department of the Vlaams Instituut Biotechnologie (VIB -Flanders Institute of Biotechnology) located at KU Leuven - Campus Gasthuisberg is looking for a postdoctoral scientist.

26 April 2014

The Laboratory of Endothelial Molecular Biology is looking for highly motivated, creative and enthusiastic PhD students to join their team of international researchers.

7 April 2014

The Microsoft Research-University of Trento Centre for Computational and Systems Biology (COSBI), Rovereto (TN), Northern Italy, invites applications for:Senior postdoctoral researcher in Biostatistics/Bioinformatics,postdoctoral researcher in Systems Nutrition/Pharmacology

8 March 2014

You've got great results and you're ready to publish them? That's very good news indeed! As with many other things in life, even in science "well begun is half done"... However, going from your brand new data stored in your computer to publishing them in a peer-reviewed journal is not an easy task. Here you will find some rules of thumb on how to do it.