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22 November 2021

Position as Researcher available at the Department of Biosciences, University of Oslo in the research group of Professor Cinzia Progida. The position is for a period of 16 months. The candidate for this position will work on a project funded by the Norwegian Cancer Society. The goal of this project is to identify and characterize molecules and pathways involved in lysosome transformation in cancer cells, and how this is coupled with the development of the cancer cell migratory and invasive ability. Our group has access to the National imaging platform NorMIC Oslo. The Department of Biosciences harbors also an EM-lab, the Norwegian Sequencing Centre (NSC) and Proteomics services. The work includes collaboration with national and international groups and the candidate will have the possibility to spend a short visiting period in the lab of prof. Roberto Zoncu at the University of California, Berkeley.

11 October 2021

The focus of our lab is to unravel the molecular basis of vascular and tumor biological processes using functional genomic approaches and, if possible, try to use these genetic insights to develop novel therapeutic strategies, and translate them into novel medicine.

11 October 2021

The laboratory of Prof. Massimo M. Santoro at University of Padua is seeking a post-doctoral fellow to study the role of metabolism in cancer growth and spreading. Our lab has recently identified a set of novel metabolic enzymes that are crucial for the regulation of lipid metabolism and antioxidant response (Mugoni et al., Cell, Mugoni et al., Nature Protocols, Santoro, Cell Metabolism; Arslanbaeva and Santoro, Redox Biology, Facchinello et al.,Nature Metabolism, in press). Using mouse genetic approaches as well as advanced molecular and metabolic techniques we want to elucidate how lipids and metabolism regulate cancer survival and progression. Our laboratory has acquired strong experience in the field of metabolism, genetic, molecular and cellular biology working with cells and animal models.

16 August 2021

The Research Strategy and Communication Office supports the SR-Tiget Director in a variety of strategic and operational activities, including strategic planning, reporting, internal and external communication. The Research Strategy and Communication Officer, reporting to the Research Strategy and Communication Manager, will provide highly organized and efficient support to the Office operations with a specific focus on the production of scientific content and documents, and organization of scientific events.

31 July 2021

The two years curriculum of the MB4LS is designed to bridge the gap between data and discovery. MB4LS is designed to prepare young researchers to interact with the world’s most advanced biological and clinical datasets