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Postdoc position in regulation of translation during embryonic development
SR-TIGET (Telethon Institute for Gene Therapy at the Ospedale San Raffaele),Milan
Host Lab
SR-TIGET, Ospedale San Raffaele
Contract Duration
Deadline for application

Postdoc position in regulation of translation during embryonic development

One post-doctoral position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Andrea Ditadi at the SR-TIGET in Milan. Our lab combines developmental cell and molecular biology to understand normal and pathological human hematopoietic development, with a particular interest in studying the genetic origins for blood disorders and developing novel strategies for their treatment.

The successful candidate will be in the unique position to integrate stem cell, human development and molecular biology, to study the regulation of translation during human hematopoietic development using our hESCs/hiPSCs platform. This ambitious project aims at dissecting how gene expression as well as ribosome maturation are modulated during human blood development. We will coordinate a strong international interdisciplinary team focused on understanding the molecular basis of ribosomopathies, a group of rare diseases in which genetic mutations cause defects in ribosome function. The successful candidate will use a systematic approach based on CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing, in vitro and in vivo innovative assays and multi-omic strategies. The position is open for a proactive self-motivated postdoctoral fellow, holding a PhD degree in molecular and cell biology, biochemistry or relevant field for no more than 4 years. Proficiency in oral and written English is a must, while competence in bioinformatics is a significant asset but not required.

Informal enquiries and applications can be sent to Dr. Andrea Ditadi ( describing briefly research interests and career goals and including CV and contact information for 2-3 references.