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Mathematical QSP modeling of mRNA-based products
University of Trento and Fondazione COSBI
Host Lab
Laboratory of Computational Modeling,CIBIO Department,University of Trento
Contract Duration
1 year,renewable
24,522 euros/year gross (junior position);28,850 euros/year gross senior position
Deadline for application

1 Senior and 1 Junior post-doc position available

Laboratory of Computational Modeling, CIBIO Department, University of Trento (

Application deadline: 12.00 (noon) of January 17th, 2022

The Laboratory of Computational Modeling at the University of Trento (CIBIO Department, PI Luca Marchetti), in collaboration with Fondazione COSBI, is seeking for:

1. a senior post-doc mathematical modeler, with previous consolidated experience in quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP) projects, with preferential knowledge in the area of mRNA-based products

2. a junior post-doc mathematical modeler, with experience in the area of mathematical modeling of biological processes

Project description

mRNA technology has recently demonstrated the ability to change the timeline for developing and delivering a new vaccine from years to months.As membersof the Laboratory of Computational Modeling at the University of Trento, the applicants will have the opportunity to join theinternational consortiumof R3 performers, whichcollectsa wide range of leading organizationsaround the world (academicinstitutions, biotechcompanies, private and public research centers),andto contribute to the development of novel mRNA-basedproductsaddressing viral and non-viral targets.We will promote the development of quantitative mathematical models providing a systems view of the main biological processes involved innovel mRNA-based products with the aim ofdeveloping a tool able to simulate the generated immune response at organismlevel.The research will initially focus onpredicting the pharmacodynamic profile,the potency (amount of mRNA to provide to obtain the desired response), and the reactogenicity (the quantitative extent of innate-immunity response induced by the mRNA-based product). During the project, the successful candidates will join an interdisciplinary andhighly motivatedgroup across University of Trento and Fondazione COSBI. The candidateswill be in charge of developing mathematical QSPmodels of novel mRNA-basedproducts,leveragingon an effective systems biology pipeline already targetingmRNA vaccines and recentlydeveloped by the group(Leonardelli et al.2021; Selvaggio et al.2021).

Job details

Type of contract: post-doc researcher fellowships

Application decree numbers: 470/2021 (senior position), 471/2021 (junior position) Application call senior position:

Application call junior position:

Application deadline: 12.00 (noon) of January17th, 2022

Salary:28,850 euros/year gross (about 25,500 euros/year net, senior position)

          24,522euros/year gross (about 21,600 euros/year net, junior position)

Duration:1 year, renewable until project ending (2024-2025)

Start date: February 1st, 2022

Contact person: Luca Marchetti (PI),

Activity venue:University of Trento (Laboratory of Computational Modeling), and Fondazione COSBI, Rovereto

Your required skills and experience

Please, refer to the official calllinks for precise information on application requirements.

•PhD incomputational biology, bioinformatics, mathematicsor related fields

•Excellent English communication skills, both written and verbal

•Ability to work in team and meet project deadlines

•Depending on seniorshiplevel, mathematical/QSP modeling previous consolidated experience, ideally applied to the area of mRNA-based product

Knowledge of the main computational techniques for mathematical model calibration, validation and qualification

•Programming skills in at least one language among MATLAB, R and Python

Desirable skills

  • General understanding of biological processes and in particular of the immune response
  • Knowledge of the mainbioinformatics workflows for data analysisto support mathematical modeling
  • Ability to work with preclinical and clinical data
  • Publication record in mathematical/QSP modelingof biological processes, ideally applied to the area of mRNA-based products