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Postdoc position available in Roberto Sitia's lab, Milan (Italy)
University Vita-Salute San Raffaele Scientific institute
Host Lab
Roberto Sitia's lab, Division of Genetics and Cell Biology, DiBiT 1, MILAN
Contract Duration
Deadline for application


Interested in molecular cell biology?



A postdoctoral position is available in our laboratory in Milano, starting mid April, to work on the mechanisms that link cellular stress responses to the dynamics of ER – mitochondria contacts.

In this project, we will make use of the HeLa-μs system (Bakunts et al. eLife, 2017; Vitale et al. eLife 2019) to study how ER stress impacts the dynamics of mitochondrial associated ER membranes (MAM). This powerful system allows us to induce either an adaptive or a lethal UPR. The expression of a mutant μ chain lacking the BiP-binding motif induces instead the accumulation of detergent-insoluble μβˆ†CH1 deposits in the early secretory compartment, without detectable UPR activation, providing a model of ER storage diseases. Our recent work puts us in an ideal position for investigating the nature of the signals that reshape organelles in cells experiences different proteotoxic stresses. How do cells integrate are redox- (Bestetti et al., Science Adv. 2018; Redox Biol. 2019), pH- (Vavassori et al., Mol Cell 2013), calcium- (Yoboue et al, ARS 2017) , mitofusin 2- (Filadi et al., PNAS 2015) and metal- (Watanabe et al., PNAS 2017; Nat Comm. 2019) –dependent regulatory signals?

State of the art imaging, biochemical and OMICs facilities seeking to develop novel technologies are available at San Raffaele Scientific Institute or through our ongoing collaborations with Ferrara and Padua Universities.

We seek people who like leading-edge research, have expertise in molecular cell biology and imaging and wish to live in a beautiful and vibrant European city from which one can reach the Alps of the Mediterranean Sea in less than two hours.

If you fit in this definition, do not miss this great opportunity and send your CV at your earliest convenience.


Roberto Sitia
Professor of Molecular Biology
University Vita-Salute San Raffaele Scientific institute