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The 2015 ABCD National Congress Pre-Meeting for young investigators
16 - 17 September 2015
Registration deadline
Abstract submission deadline

Junior scientists (up to 60, including both PhD students and post-doctoral fellows) will have the unique opportunity to attend a pre-meeting event entirely devoted to them, within the same venue of the National Congress. The pre-meeting is conceived as a highly interactive, friendly stage for communication between world leaders in biomedical research and young investigators. A selection of top level scientists, including Tom Kirchhausen (Harvard University, USA), Elaine Fuchs (Rockefeller University, USA), Elisabetta Dejana (IFOM-IEO, Milan), Steve Harrison (Harvard University, USA), Michele Pagano (New Yourk University, USA), Pier Giuseppe Pelicci (European Institute of Oncology, Italy), Stefano Bertuzzi (ASCB) and others will give state of the art, problem-based informal lectures on key issues in cell biology, intertwined with twelve selected oral presentations by junior investigators attending the event. The best oral presentation will be awarded with the first edition of the Luca Daveggio prize for the best scientific presentation. During free-time, senior scientists and science policy makers will sit with students to informally discuss with them about science- and career-related issues.

All applicants will be selected by the organizing committee based on the quality of the submitted abstract. All applicants will be offered a 150 € voucher to cover the costs of attendance.

If you are a motivated, passionate young investigator you simply cannot miss this chance to meet with prestigious scientists and share their views, not only about the "making of a cell" but also about the "making of a scientist"... 


➼ Go to the Congress' official web site to get information about the Program and the registration procedures.