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SEMM PhD program is a 3rd-cycle university degree, fully academic in nature and it is released by SEMM's collaborating universities that acts as awarding bodies: The qualification of Doctor of Philosophy, abbreviated "PhD", is awarded jointly by the Rectors of the University of Milan (administrative site), the University of Naples "Federico II", the University of Bari, the University of Turin, the University of Trento, the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, and Hunimed of Milan in compliance with the Ministerial decree dated 14 December 2021, n. 226; in the title and the certificate the institutional/scientific role of the Fondazione SEMM as well as the curriculum attended are expressly mentioned.
The title gives full access to post-doctoral research positions in Europe and worldwide.


Research centers include: European Institute of Oncology (IEO), FIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology (IFOM), Center for Genomic Science of IIT, National Institute of Molecular Genetics (INGM), Italian Institute of Genomic Medicine (IIGM), Human Technopole (HT), Center for Genetic Engineering (Ceinge), Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine (TIGEM). Science covers virtually every aspect of modern Cell and Molecular Biology, from both the basic and applied research points of view, it is highly multidisciplinary and is supported by know-how extending from functional genomics to developmental model systems.


Three tutorial profiles are foreseen for each PhD student:

  • The Supervisor is the scientific head of the laboratory, who will supervise the work of the student during his/her PhD period.

  • The Internal Advisor is chosen among the faculty members and will contribute in tutoring the student.

  • The External Advisor is a foreign expert, who will provide advice at critical stages of the project and meet the student at least once during his/her PhD period.


Courses: Courses are planned during the first three years and include advanced courses on emerging disciplines, such as structural biology, bioinformatics, genomics and proteomics, drug discovery, and courses on complementary skills.
A complete schedule of the courses foreseen for the current year can be seen here.

Seminars: Students are exposed to a wide selection of seminars from international speakers that cover a large range of topics.
A list of the forthcoming seminars can be seen here.


The PhD Program lasts 4 years and English is the working language.


All admitted students will have a fellowship. It consists of an annual gross amount of € 20.266,50. The amount is not subject to IRPEF taxation, as per the art. 4, Law n. 476 dated 13/8/1984, and subject to the regulations of the art. 2, subs. 26, Law n. 335, dated 8 August 1995, as far as the pension contributions are concerned. Fellowships are mostly offered by the Universities, but can also may be available at host research centres. These fellowships will be independently managed by the individual granting institutions with specific awarding and delivery modalities; these will not be in any way ascribable either to SEMM or the Universities. The number of available positions/fellowships will be communicated at the time of the call.