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PhD Program Manager
The Institut Curie Research Center
Host Lab
Contract Duration
COD from 18 to 36 months
Deadline for application


The PhD program manager will report to the Director of the Advanced Training Office of the Research Center, liaising with the Human Resources Department. He/she will be responsible for implementing the EuReCa COFUND-DP program, in compliance with the grant agreement signed with the European Commission, and for the administrative follow-up of doctoral contracts. He/she will monitor the progress of the PhD theses and career development plans, and liaise with the HR Department and external stakeholders e.g doctoral schools, in particular in connection with the EuReCa European COFUND-DP program


Project management
- Develop and update EuReCa monitoring tools and extend them to the whole community of Institut Curie doctoral students (SharePoint, guides, procedures, document templates, etc.). Organize and manage EuReCa internal meetings.
- Liaise with the stakeholders involved with the doctoral students (doctoral schools, EU project officer, associated industrial partners, start-ups, selection panel members).
- Write the EuReCa project deliverables and reports, including the financial reports (in collaboration with the grant office)
- Ensure that EuReCa proper documentation is complete in case of audit.
- Monitor and apply for European calls and training programs, in coordination with the Advanced Training Office and the Research Center’s Direction. Evaluation and selection of doctoral students
- Manage the Research Center's doctoral program (calls for proposals, setting up evaluation and selection committees for doctoral students/projects, follow-up).
- Participate in the onboarding events of international doctoral students in conjunction with the HR department. Doctoral student training and communication
- Follow up the actions implemented in the frame of the EuReCa project and extend them to Institut Curie whole community of doctoral students.
- Be the Advanced Training contact person for both internal and external stakeholders: the HR Department, the Doctoral Students' Association (ADIC), the PhD supervisors, the doctoral schools, the training providers, the funding bodies
- Participate in the organization of training programs for doctoral students, in collaboration with the Advanced Training Office colleagues and the HR Department


Candidate Profile
A 5-year university degree and a previous experience in a similar position is required.
The candidate must also:
- have a sound knowledge of project management
- be fluent in English and French
- be familiar with office automation tools (Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.)
- be a good team player
- be autonomous, organized, rigorous, discrete, have the ability to prioritize
- be adaptable, proactive and have good interpersonal skills.

Contract information
Type of contract: COD from 18 to 36 months
Starting date: as soon as possible
Working time: full time
Remuneration: according to profile
Benefits: Collective catering, 70% reimbursement of annual travel expenses, company health insurance.
Location of the position: Paris – 5th arrondissement


Please send your CV, cover letter and 2 references, to Graça RAPOSO -