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Laboratory of Angiogenesis and Cancer Metabolism Dept.of Biology,University of Padua
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Postdoctoral fellowship and PhD student position

Laboratory of Angiogenesis and Cancer Metabolism
Dept. of Biology, University of Padua, Italy

The laboratory on Prof. Massimo Santoro ( is seeking a post-doctoral fellow and a PhD student to study the role of mevalonate metabolism and ferroptosis in cancer growth and spreading (Santoro, Cell Metabolism, 2020: Arslanbaeva and Santoro, Redox Biology, 2020). Our team has recently identified a set of novel metabolic enzymes that is crucial for regulation of mevalonate metabolism and ferroptosis (Mugoni et al., Cell 2013, Mugoni et al., Nature Protocols, 2013; Oberkersch et al., 2020 in revision: Tosi et al., 2021 in preparation). Using mouse genetic approaches as well as advanced molecular and microscopic techniques we want to elucidate how lipid signaling and metabolism regulate melanoma survival and progression. Our laboratory has acquired strong experience in biochemistry, genetic, molecular and cellular biology of endothelial and cancer cells and animal models. Mouse animal facility, single cell RNA-seq, STED, multiphoton, light sheet microscopy equipment, and metabolic/proteomic core facilities are available in the laboratory and department. We believe that such studies offer unique opportunities for designing new therapeutic strategies against metastasis and cancer spreading.

The post-doc candidate must be a highly motivated researcher with a PhD in a relevant discipline as well as having experience in genetic, molecular, and/or cellular biology methods. The applicant must have a good publication record in peer-reviewed international journals (including at least one paper as a first author in top-journal) and must be capable of working in a team as well as independently. Excellent communication skills in spoken and written English are required. 

Applicants for PhD position should hold a Master degree in biomedical sciences, bioengineering, medicine or any related discipline. Motivated students of all nationalities with a strong commitment to basic and/or clinical research are invited to apply. Any experience in molecular biology, cellular and developmental biology, biochemistry, cell culture, metabolism, is an advantage. The candidate should have well-developed social skills, been able to work in a team, have good communication skills in spoken and written English.

Please send your CV, letter of motivation, and the contact information of at least three references to Prof. Santoro at