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PhD position - Congenital myopathies and muscular dystrophies Department of Molecular and Developmental Medicine
University of Siena, Italy
Host Lab
Vincenzo Sorrentino's Lab
Contract Duration
Deadline for application
from 25 June to 24 July 2020

A PhD position is available to study the molecular mechanisms underlying the development of congenital myopathies and muscular dystrophies. A complementary cell biology theme to these studies is the structural organization of intracellular membranes and proteins that regulate muscle contraction and their contribution to muscle development and disease.


The scholar's activities will range from histological preparations and immunofluorescence assays, acquisition of images in optical and confocal microscopy to analysis of gene expression (Next generation sequencing and RNAseq), protein-protein interactions and management of mouse colonies.


For information, contact Prof. Vincenzo Sorrentino, 


The PhD Course in Molecular Medicine provides an exciting multi-disciplinary and stimulating learning environment that offers students training and mentoring toward basic, clinical and industrial research careers.


Application  open from 25 June to 24 July 2020.