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International PhD Course in Molecular Medicine - 53 positions available - Scientific Institute San Raffaele; University Vita-Salute San Raffaele
Scientific Institute San Raffaele; University Vita-Salute San Raffaele, Milan, Italy
Host Lab
Contract Duration
Deadline for application
July 23rd, 2018


The San Raffaele University, a top-ranked University in Italy, offers a PhD program to provide excellent guidance, support and training to graduate students interested in understanding the molecular processes underlying human diseases and in designing new therapeutic approaches.



Our 3 year PhD Program provides outstanding interdisciplinary training in the broad area of Molecular Medicine.

·       PhD students are expected to spend most of their time working on a research project under the direct supervision of a Director of Studies and with the external scientific advice of a Second Supervisor.

·       PhD students will be enrolled in one of the over 100 research laboratories and research units operating within the San Raffaele Scientific Institute, one of the largest and most productive biomedical research environments in Europe.

·       A panel of courses delivered in English is offered every year to cover the exciting and active research areas in the field and provide training to the PhD students to achieve the required expertise and technical skills for a successful career in academia and beyond.

·       Students will integrate in the in the life of our research community, taking advantage of the many lectures, workshops and seminars organized at the San Raffaele Scientific Institute, and organizing themselves workshops and student-invited keynote lectures.

·       Training and mentoring offer students individualized professional development and a gateway for basic, clinical and industrial research careers.

·       PhD students may be involved in teaching and in supervising undergraduate students, on a volunteer basis.



The International PhD Course comprises:

  • four main research lines (Curricula) in molecular medicine:

Cellular and Molecular Physiopathology

Basic and Applied Immunology and Oncology

Experimental and Clinical Medicine

Neuroscience and Experimental Neurology

  • one transversal Program in Gene and Cell Therapy, offering training to students of the four Curricula with specific interest in genetic diseases and in development of new gene and cell therapy strategies.



About 100 doctoral students are currently enrolled in our PhD Program in Molecular Medicine.

The number of available positions is reported in the annual call (53 positions are offered for A.Y. 2018/19). Full-time financial support is provided to every student admitted. The scholarship covers salary and tuition fees.

Annual research expenses (bench costs) are covered by the hosting laboratories.

During the second and third year, all students receive additional funds to participate to meetings and workshops. International collaborations are encouraged.  Part of the PhD research project (for a period up to 8 months), can be performed in collaborating laboratories abroad. For this period the fellowship is integrated with extra wages.