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Multiple post-doc and phD positions in normal and pathological inflammatory response
Funding Agency
Humanities University, Milano, IT
Host Lab
Giacchino Natoli
Commensurate to position
Deadline for application
Open until filled

Positions are available for both wet-lab and computational postdocs and PhD students to study transcriptional mechanisms controlling normal and pathological inflammation. Tissue responses to microbial and endogenous danger signals involve the inducible expression of hundreds of inflammatory genes. How enhancers and promoters controlling nflammatory gene expression are coordinately bound by lineage-determining and stimulusactivated TFs has been extensively characterized. However, we still have a very incomplete knowledge of the necessary next step in the process, namely how distinct combinations of DNA-bound TFs regulate recruitment and function of the co-regulators and machineries that control the inducible expression of inflammatory genes.


Further details can be found in the enclosed advert.