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14 July 2013

Which are the molecular mechanisms that cause the Down syndrome (DS) phenotype?

30 June 2013

In this second episode dedicated to the Experimental Imaging Center (EIC) of the San Raffaele Hospital we'll discover the MRI facilities, ultrasound scan and PET facilities

27 June 2013

The inflammatory response serves a dual function. On the one hand, it deploys robust circuits of humoral and cell-mediated effector mechanisms to protect the host from harmful pathogens, both directly, through innate, rapid-onset processes and indirectly, by eliciting the adaptive arm of the immune response.

23 June 2013

There is no questioning that pharmacology has played an important part in the great advances of medical science in the last century. Dramatically effective and relatively cheap drugs, such as aspirin or antibiotics, have marked for many once very severe or even lethal diseases a conversion to treatable conditions. Such drugs are the so-called "blockbusters" and they have represented the pillars of pharmaceutical industry so far.

11 June 2013

Throughout most of the 20th Century, the question of cancer causation divided oncologists between the infectious and the mutation fields. Both sides counted innumerable pieces of evidence in their favor, but the mutation theory of the origins of cancer eventually won the contest and constitutes now the paradigm in oncology.