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25th Beatson International Cancer Conference at the CRUK Scotland Institute "Cancer Models: from Cages to Clinic"
8 - 11 July 2024
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Abstract submission deadline

The Beatson International Cancer Conference series at the Cancer Research UK Scotland Institute is designed to be a relaxed and friendly meeting where delegates and invited speakers have a chance to interact on a scientific basis.  This year is our 25th Anniversary Conference and we look forward to welcoming you to this special event in Glasgow, Scotland.


While significant advances in cancer biology have been made from research on tumour cells in culture, it has become increasingly clear that to gain a complete understanding of the complexity of tumour development, and to develop and translate rationally-designed targeted therapies, studies are also required in an animal model.  Mice are now the most widely used animal model for the study of cancer and this year’s conference will highlight the development and application of these models in the study of malignant disease.   The conference will fall broadly within a number of key areas ranging from the development of sophisticated allele-specific and tissue-specific animal models to their use in the study of specific cancer types, the engagement of tumour with immune cells and the microenvironment, metastatic disease and therapeutic resistance.

We are delighted to be joined by a programme of world-leading researchers using diverse genetically tractable mouse models of cancer studying the research areas described above and are encouraging early career researchers to submit their abstracts for consideration as soon as possible.


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