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EMBO Workshop Pathogen immunity and signaling
8 - 12 April 2024
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Pathogen immunity and signalling are involved in an increasing number of biological processes from antimicrobial defences to tissue homeostasis and disease. This EMBO Workshop aims to bring together a multidisciplinary community of researchers that work on all aspects of host-pathogen interactions to discuss the latest advancements in pathogen immunity and how the same mechanisms that protect us from infections can also drive disease when they are inappropriately activated. The main objectives of this EMBO Workshop are to highlight mechanisms of the adaptive and innate immunity against pathogens and share knowledge on how to harness this information for therapeutic purposes. The workshop will focus on several key themes, including pattern-recognition receptors, ubiquitin in immune signalling, animal models of pathogenesis, cell-mediated immunity as well as genetic predisposition to microbial infections. Attendees from various disciplines will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and collaborate, promoting interdisciplinary approaches in tackling the challenges posed by infectious diseases. Networking between established experts, early career researchers and journal editors will be facilitated through dedicated sessions. Overall, this workshop will offer a friendly and easy to access environment for researchers at all levels, fostering scientific excellence and collaborations across disciplines to advance the field of pathogen immunity and signalling.


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