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SÃO PAULO INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM: From Concept to Clinic: Advances in Stem Cell Research
22 - 24 September 2023
Registration deadline
6 July 2023
Abstract submission deadline
6 July 2023

São Paulo International Symposium

From Concept to Clinic: Advances in Stem Cell Research

Sep 22, 2023 Sep 24, 2023

 This unique symposium is designed to highlight progress in the continuum of stem cell science from early development into clinical applications. Scientists from Latin America and across the globe will convene to share their latest stem cell research in areas such as pluripotency and early development and its adult counterpart, tissue stem cells and regeneration. Advances in understanding cellular plasticity through reprogramming and directed differentiation will be showcased as will the emerging field of tissue self-organization dynamics and innovative new technologies and tools that are driving the field forward. The program will be capped by sessions on the advances in modeling and treating disease and some of the ethical issues that scientists (and the public) are confronting.

In combination with the São Paulo International Symposium, the ISSCR has partnered with the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) and The Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP) to develop and present the São Paulo School of Advanced Science in Stem Cell Biology in the week leading up to the International Symposium. The program will consist of 100 undergraduate and graduate students, and post-doctoral scholars from across Brazil and the world. The ISSCR is proud to support this course and make stem cell science accessible to students worldwide.

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