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8th International Stem Cell Meeting, “Frontiers in Stem Cell Biology: From Embryogenesis to Tissue Maintenance and Regeneration”
11 - 14 September 2022
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8th International Stem Cell Meeting, “Frontiers in Stem Cell Biology: From Embryogenesis to Tissue Maintenance and Regeneration” 

In recent years we have witnessed major breakthroughs in stem cell biology at all levels. Starting from the creation of synthetic embryo-like structures using only in vitro stem cells and ending with the identification of previously unknown and diverse populations of adult stem cells in various organs.

Embryogenesis: Recently, human pluripotency has emerged as a complex multi-stage state with defined characteristics and properties for each developmental stage. Moreover, we now have the know how to improve the reprogramming process to pluripotency, as well as other embryo stem cells, to make better and safer cells. These crucial advances not only improve dramatically our ability to truly recapitulate human devastating diseases but also allow us to generate high quality cells for the clinic. Indeed, some stem cell therapies are currently being evaluated in clinical trials.

Tissue stem cells maintenance,regeneration and pathology: Adult stem cells have been shown to reside in distinct compartments and play a vital role in governing tissue homeostasis, repair and regeneration. Isolation of adult stem cells and proper culture
within 3-dimentional environments have enabled the generation of mini organs (organoids) in vitro, serving as an ideal platform for studying pathological states and performing drug screens. Finally, steps have been taken to elucidate the darker side of stem cells in which they initiate as well as fuel the tumorigenic process.

Together, these recent leaps provide key insights that can be translated to novel approaches for regenerative medicine and therapies. 

These basic and translational advancements along with other key aspects in stem cell biology (see attachment) will be discussed in depth in this meeting with the participation of international speakers of high repute. 

Further information can be found on the conference website at