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"Cell Signaling and Intracellular Trafficking in Cancer Biology: Interplay, Targeting and Therapy" Conference
21 - 24 October 2019
Registration deadline
Abstract submission deadline
29 August 2019


The interplay between cell signaling and intracellular trafficking is implicated in fundamental cellular processes including cell growth and motility, whereas aberrant membrane trafficking events and signaling pathways are frequently associated with malignant transformation and cancer.

The aim of this scientific conference is to merge advanced topics in cancer cell signaling together with emerging research themes in lipid metabolism, intracellular organelles and membrane trafficking. We will discuss oncogenic pathways and signaling networks as therapeutic targets and highlight their regulation by endomembranes and trafficking events.

The attendants will be exposed to the most advanced topics at the interface between oncogenic signaling and membrane trafficking including: 


1. Phosphoinositides Signaling and implications in cancer
2. RTK signaling and RTK-associated drug resistance in cancer
3. Lysosomal and endosomal signaling, Iron Metabolism and Ferroptosis in cancer
4. Non-receptor tyrosine kinases and integrin trafficking in cancer
5. System analysis of Signaling networks in cancer and targeted therapies
6. EMT, Stemness, and Metastasis


Oral communication slots are available at this meeting. All attendees, particularly researchers in the early stages of their career, are invited to submit a poster abstract for consideration as an oral communication.

There are a variety of bursaries available for this meeting. Click here to find out more.

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