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"Imaging of Cancer Dynamics"
7 September - 9 March 2018
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Imaging of Cancer Dynamics

March 7-9, 2018

“La Cavallerizza Hall” , University of Torino  (address: via Verdi 9-Torino)



Cancer is a multistep disease, which is inherently dynamic. Early steps in carcinogenesis are often extremely hard to describe as they involve a wide variety of interactions between normal and carcinogenic tissue and the microenvironment. At the same time, even when the tumor is already considered developed or already gave rise to metastasis, it is continuously changing to adapt to the local microenvironment and evade the immune system and the therapy. While traditional approaches often focus on a static and monotypic disease, it is now established that cancer evolves over time from both genetic and phenotypic points of view, therefore requiring a deep knowledge of the dynamic processes underlying cancer progression and response to treatment.
Recent and tremendous technical advances in imaging technologies have boosted the use of live imaging in life science and medicine in general and in cancer research in particular. The use of non-invasive, high time and space resolution techniques has been fundamental in the progress of cancer research of the last years. Imaging techniques allow to resolve and describe accurately genetic variations, phenotypic switches, mechanisms of resistance and quiescence, mechano-biological and growth patterns.
The University and the Polytechnic of Torino organize a workshop to discuss the applications of imaging to study the dynamic inherent nature of cancer in its most paradigmatic views and approaches: cancer cell biology, metabolism, metastatization, molecular level and quantitative approaches.

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Federico Bussolino and Flavio Canavero (chairs)