ABCD 2021 ABCD 2021
Biology of the cancer cell
Francesco Cecconi
Autophagy and E3 ligases: top guardians of cell cycle

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James DeGregori
Targeting ATM kinase and mTORC1 signaling reverses bone marrow stromal cell-mediated protection of FLT3-ITD AML from FLT3 targeted therapy

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Gillian Griffiths
Cancer assassins: dynamic regulation of polarized secretion

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Johanna Ivaska
Endosomal trafficking in breast cancer progression and drug resistance

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Sima Lev
Exploiting ferroptosis for cancer therapy: focus on TNBC

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Massimiliano Mazzone
Harnessing tumor metabolism to overcome immunosuppression

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Marta Miączyńska
GAS6-AXL signaling in cancer cell biology

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Erik Sahai
Novel mechanisms of tumor microenvironment crosstalk supporting breast cancer dormancy

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