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Welcome to the ABCD Distinguished Lecture Series

ABCD welcomes you to the 2021 Distinguished Lecture Series featuring seminars from outstanding speakers covering different fields of Cellular and Developmental Biology.

We are sure that this resource will represent a unique opportunity to foster ideas and discussions in our laboratories, based on the exciting updated knowledge herein presented.
We are grateful to all the scientists that donated their time and efforts to make this possible by sharing their science with us.
We hope that you will enjoy this event, waiting to meet all of you in person at the ABCD National Conference in 2022.

  • Biology of the cancer cell Francesco Cecconi, James DeGregori, Gillian Griffiths, Johanna Ivaska, Sima Lev, Massimiliano Mazzone, Marta Miączyńska, Erik Sahai
    • Francesco Cecconi Autophagy and E3 ligases: top guardians of cell cycle
    • James DeGregori Targeting ATM kinase and mTORC1 signaling reverses bone marrow stromal cell-mediated protection of FLT3-ITD AML from FLT3 targeted therapy
    • Gillian Griffiths Cancer assassins: dynamic regulation of polarized secretion
    • Johanna Ivaska Endosomal trafficking in breast cancer progression and drug resistance
    • Sima Lev Exploiting ferroptosis for cancer therapy: focus on TNBC
    • Massimiliano Mazzone Harnessing tumor metabolism to overcome immunosuppression
    • Marta Miączyńska GAS6-AXL signaling in cancer cell biology
    • Erik Sahai Novel mechanisms of tumor microenvironment crosstalk supporting breast cancer dormancy
  • Biology revealed through advanced Imaging Jan Ellenberg, Tom Kirchhausen, Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz
    • Jan Ellenberg Advanced imaging of cellular processes across scales
    • Tom Kirchhausen Mitotic assembly of nuclear pore complexes
    • Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz Inspecting the secretory pathway with whole-cell, volumetric FIB-SEM
  • Cell metabolism Ralph DeBerardinis, Ayelet Erez, Robert Farese & Tobias Walther, Christian Frezza, Cristina Muñoz Pinedo, Roberto Zoncu
    • Ralph DeBerardinis Metabolic Outliers in Human Disease
    • Ayelet Erez Modulating amino-acid metabolism for cancer diagnosis and therapy
    • Robert Farese & Tobias Walther Mechanisms and Physiology of Lipid Storage in Lipid Droplets
    • Christian Frezza Fumarate Hydratase loss as a paradigm of oncometabolism
    • Cristina Muñoz Pinedo Metabolic stress drives inflammation
    • Roberto Zoncu The Lysosome in Nutrient Sensing and Cellular Growth Control
  • Cell plasticity, motility and mechanosensing Sandrine Etienne-Manneville, Guillaume Montagnac, Jim Norman, Martin Schwartz
    • Sandrine Etienne-Manneville Role of microtubules in mechanosensitive cell responses
    • Guillaume Montagnac Associative memory in mammalian cells in culture
    • Jim Norman Nuclear-capture of endosomes drives depletion of nuclear G-actin to activate SRF and drive invasiveness
    • Martin Schwartz Mechanical homeostasis in the cardiovascular system
  • Endocytosis Frances Brodsky, Ludger Johannes, Sandy Schmid, Sara Sigismund, Alexander Sorkin, Harald Stenmark
    • Frances Brodsky Genetic Diversity of Clathrin Subunits Enables Tissue-Specific Functions
    • Ludger Johannes Lectin-driven and glycosphingolipid-dependent construction of endocytic pits: GL-Lect hypothesis
    • Sandy Schmid The plasticity and robustness of clathrin-mediated endocytosis
    • Sara Sigismund Endocytosis and interorganelle communication: connecting EGFR signalling to cell metabolism
    • Alexander Sorkin EGFR endocytosis
    • Harald Stenmark Macropinocytosis - functions and mechanisms
  • Genome architecture and chromosome segregation Wendy Bickmore, Arshad Desai, Rebecca Heald, Tom Misteli
    • Wendy Bickmore The remote control of gene expression: enhancer function in the cell nucleus
    • Arshad Desai Targeting cancer-specific cell division vulnerability
    • Rebecca Heald Investigating mechanisms of cell division and size control in Xenopus
    • Tom Misteli Genome Architecture: From basics to disease
  • Membrane trafficking Antonella De Matteis, Bruno Goud, Volker Haucke, Graça Raposo, Chiara Zurzolo
    • Antonella De Matteis ER-Golgi membrane contact sites
    • Bruno Goud Multiple roles of the RAB6 GTPase in transport at the Golgi level
    • Volker Haucke Lipid and protein switches in cell physiology: From mechanisms to disease
    • Graça Raposo Extracellular Vesicles integrators of homeostasis, lessons from immunity and pigmentation
    • Chiara Zurzolo Role of Tunneling Nanotubes (TNTs) in the spreading of amyloid proteins in neurodegenerative diseases, and beyond
  • Mitochondria in health and disease Michelangelo Campanella, Lorenzo Galluzzi, Thomas Langer, Richard Youle
    • Michelangelo Campanella Autophagy of mitochondria and their social habits in health and disease
    • Lorenzo Galluzzi Mitochondrial control of anticancer immune responses driven by radiation
    • Thomas Langer Proteolytic Control of Mitochondrial Plasticity
    • Richard Youle Intertwined Roles of Two Parkinsons Disease Genes in Autophagy of Mitochondria and Inflammation
  • Morphogenesis from cells to systems Annika Guse, Nereo Kalebic, Susan Mango, Mark Peifer, Aurélien Roux, Kenneth Yamada, Marino Zerial
    • Annika Guse Adaptation to the environment by coral-algal endosymbiosis - a cell biological perspective
    • Nereo Kalebic Neural stem cells and neocortex expansion in brain development and evolution.
    • Susan Mango Morphogenesis in the nucleus
    • Mark Peifer Building the Body Plan: the Miracle of Morphogenesis
    • Aurélien Roux Morphogenesis of cellular tornadoes
    • Kenneth Yamada Cell and Matrix Dynamics in Cell Migration and Organ Morphogenesis
    • Marino Zerial Mechanisms of hepatocyte polarization and liver tissue morphogenesis
  • Protein folding and degradation Hesso Farhan, Ilaria Fregno
    • Hesso Farhan Regulation of ER-proteostasis through a Folded Protein Response
    • Ilaria Fregno ER-to-lysosome Associated Degradation (ERLAD) of proteasome-resistant misfolded proteins
  • Signal transduction Manuela Baccarini, Christophe Lamaze, Daniel B. Rifkin, Lois Weisman
    • Manuela Baccarini Navigating the ERK pathway through protein-protein interactions
    • Christophe Lamaze MechanoTransduction by caveolae
    • Daniel B. Rifkin Latent TGF beta binding protein biology
    • Lois Weisman Regulation of a receptor recycling pathway via a phosphoinositide cascade
  • Understanding biology at the ultrastructural level Lucia Banci, James Hurley, Eva Nogales
    • Lucia Banci Cellular Structural Biology: from Protein Structures to Functional Processes in a Cellular Context
    • James Hurley Structural gymnastics of the Rag GTPase cycle on lysosomes
    • Eva Nogales Structural Studies of Microtubule Dynamics and Function

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Paolo Pinton ABCD President
Letizia Lanzetti Chairperson of the 2022 meeting

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