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The Pivot™ platform to help you find research funding opportunities
by staff
10 April 2015

ProQuest is a company that specializes in web-based tools to empower researchers and students in their career-oriented choices. Recently, ProQuest has launched Pivot™, a web-based discovery and workflow tool that combines a comprehensive source of global funding opportunities with the largest collection of scholar profiles into one intuitive, user-friendly solution.

Pivot offers a large database of funding opportunities, ranging from research grants, to career awards and travel fellowships, and is rapidly penetrating the EU market, including Italy. By accessing Pivot™, a user can open a personal account and refine searches based on keywords, including fields of interest, geographical location of the funding agency, grant amount and duration, and so on. A nice feature of the platform is that it allows users to scout for collaborating groups that have already applied successfully for a given source within the same Institution or in a nearby geographical location.

By getting feedback from users, Pivot™ continuously updates its database of funding opportunities, to make it more useful and effective and to suite the needs of the user.

Tips and case studies on how to use the Pivot™ platform can be found by accessing the following instructional and demonstrative videos:

ABCD has established an agreement with ProQuest to grant access to its members to the Pivot™ platform for a free trial. We will soon notify our members of the opening of the trial and the possibility to subscribe to an instructional webinar that will be given by the Pivot™ platform developers . These options will be available to ABCD members in their reserved areas on the ABCD web site.

Once the trial starts, it's up to you to test the platform and assess its effectiveness in helping you find the "right" funding opportunity for yourself. If the trial is successful, ABCD might consider subscribing to Pivot™ for the benefits of its membership.