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POST-DOCTORAL POSITION - CANCER CELL BIOLOGY: Establishment of a precision cancer medicine platform based on tumor organoids.
Laboratorio Nazionale CIB, Area Science Park, Trieste
Host Lab
Prof. Stefan Schoeftner's Lab
Contract Duration
27 months
ca. 1700 (after tax)
Deadline for application

POST-DOCTORAL POSITION - CANCER CELL BIOLOGY: Establishment of a precision cancer medicine platform based on tumor organoids.

 We are seeking for a postdoctoral researcher with background in cancer cell biology or translational research to join the project “PreCanMed- Establishment of platform for precision cancer medicine” funded by the INTERREG Italia-Austria program of the European Union. The project is coordinated by Prof. Stefan Schoeftner at the Laboratorio Nazionale CIB in Trieste, Italy

 The candidate will join the group of Stefan Schoeftner at the Laboratorio Nazionale CIB, a research institute focusing on basic and translational cancer research, located in the AREA Science Park in Trieste, Italy 

The open position for the postdoctoral researcher is part of a collaborative project (PreCanMed) that focusses on the establishment of patient derived precision cancer model systems. In this project, partners from the Laboratorio Nazionale CIB, the University of Trieste, University of Udine, the Austrian Drug Screening Institute (ADSI) and the Comprehensive Cancer Center Innsbruck (CCCi) will establish a life biobank comprising cancer patient derived tumor organoids. Tumor organoids are patient-derived 3D tumor cell structures that closely resemble the original patient tumor. Tumor organoids can be cultured in vitro and thus are expected to hold a big promise for future, patient tailored, precision cancer therapies.

A successful candidate will establish a working-pipeline that connects the cancer clinics with the cancer research laboratory. In particular, the recruited postdoc will develop conditions for the cultivation, molecular characterization and conservation of lung tumor-organoids. Tumor-organoids will be subjected to exome sequencing and gene expression analysis in order to provide a rational for efforts in defining strategies for precision cancer therapies in an experimental laboratory setting (drug testing). A recruited postdoc will perform experimental work in close collaboration with other PreCanMed project partners and bioinformaticians; collaborative efforts also comprise short working periods in project partner institutes. Experience with 3D cell culture is a plus. All candidates will undergo a competitive selection process. For further details on the recruitment process please contact: ;

Contract conditions: postdoctoral fellowship (borsa di studio); ca. 1700€/per month after tax (qualification of the candidate will be considered); Duration: max. 27 months, Starting date: ideally April 2017.

Please submit the following documents to: 

-       CV

-       1 page research statement

-       2 addresses form where reference letters can be requested

English is the working language