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PIVOT is now available for free consultation by ABCD members. Some time ago one of the editors (Steven Smith) gave a webinar to a group of ABCD members who had shown interest in the Program. Focus of the webinar was the proper usage of the PIVOT platform, in order to: 

1. maximize its potential to search for funding opportunities that are tailored to the area of expertise of the user. This includes searching for sponsors that open their calls to Italian Citizens;

2. create a track (based on keywords and other parameters) that identifies the funding sources that best suit your expertise, and get periodic updatees on such sources by e-mail;

3. create your scientific profile to allow PIVOT to exploit its advanced algorythm to identifiy further sponsors and open calls that conform to your scientific profile.

The recorded webinar is visible using the Webex interface. Most computers already have the necessary software pre-installed to run Webex, but if yours doesn't, there will be prompts to install these applications in a few moments.

ABCD Italy Pivot-20150522 0805-1 
Friday, May 22, 2015 
9:05 am | GMT Summer Time (London, GMT+01:00) 

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